My Somali Cat Drinks from the Toilet

Drinking from the toilet can be a gross habit for any pet whether it’s a car or a dog. If your Somali cat or other feline friend is drinking from the toilet it could be because she’s not getting enough water elsewhere. Make sure you have a water bowl available with fresh water for your cat. If you have a multi level home consider placing a water bowl on each floor. Keep the toilet lid closed to deter your cat from drinking out of it. It’s necessarily a bad habit, but if you use toilet bowl cleaners then the water could be harmful to your cat. If it’s a toilet you don’t flush regularly then the water could get stagnant and house all kinds of bacteria that could make your cat sick. If you have a leave in cleaner that turns the water blue then definitely don’t let your cat drink from it. For tips to discourage this habit, talk with your London, ON vet. Read more here:


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