Buying a Hedgehog

Hedgehogs are becoming pretty popular exotic pets. If you’re wanting to purchase or adopt a hedgehog give your pet store or vet a call to find out what hedgehogs need and how to care for them. When you go to search for a hedgehog, check a pet stores or ask your vet or fellow hedgehog owners for referrals to reputable breeders. When you see the hedgehog, check to make sure his eyes are clean, clear and bright. The eyes should be alert and free of discharge or gook. The nose should be clean and not running with any kind of gook or clear liquid. The ears should be clean and free of sores or bites. Check the spine to make sure no quills are missing as this could indicate unhealthy coat of quills. Check his cage and see that his poop is not loose or green. Your hedgehog should also move with a waddle or shuffle. Ask your vet Coles County, IL for more assistance.

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