Teaching your Cat to Walk on a Leash

Contrary to popular belief, cats can actually be trained to walk on a leash and they may actually enjoy it. Several cat breeds can be taught to walk on a leash including the Siamese, Abyssinian, and Orange Tabby just to name a few. You can start your cat on a leash by introducing the concept when they are young. It’s harder to train an older cat, but possible. First, you should find your cat a harness. Ask your vet for help with sizing and fitting if you need to. Start by simply placing the leash on your cat several times a day. Leave it on longer and longer. After he gets used to it, introduce the leash. Hook the leash to the harness and walk your cat around in the house. You may have to use treats to encourage him to move. Once he learns to walk on the leash in the house you can try him outside for short walks and then build to longer ones. For help, consult your vet Coles County, IL.


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