Pancreatic Insufficiency In Cats

Pancreatic insufficiency in cats is also known as exocrine pancreatic insufficiency or maldigestion syndrome. The condition is characterized by a defect in the ability of the pancreas to produce enzymes that cats need to help digest their food. The problem can occur in cats of age age, bred, or sex. The symptoms exhibited by affected cats include weight loss, appears to be constantly hungry, and produces high amounts of loose or semi-formed stools, which may be foul-smelling. Sometims the stool may be watery. Because of the high amounts of fat in the waste material, the anal area and the surrounding hair often appear greasy. The cat’s hair coat may appear unkempt and of poor quality. Large quantities of undigested fat may be present in the cat’s stool after consuming a high-fat diet. In some cats, pancreatic insufficiency may be accompanied by diabetes mellitus which can further complicate the problem. 

If your cat has been diagnosed with pancreatic insufficiency, talk to your vet Scottsdale, AZ about treatment options that are available for your cat. 


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