Best Dog Food For Allergies

Dogs that suffer from food allergies need to eat an allergen-free diet to reduce or eliminate frequent bouts of allergy. In order to determine which food ingredients a dog is allergic to, an elimination diet is usually recommended by veterinarians. A pet that is on an elimination diet is placed on pet food with a limited list of ingredients with no known allergens. There are prescription diets specifically made for the purpose. Home-cooked diets may also be recommended but there is a need to work with your vet or a pet nutritionist to ensure that your pet still consumes a complete and balanced diet. To help determine whether or not a dog is suffering from a food allergy is by prescribing the following diets:

l Limited ingredient diet - ingredients are limited so it will be easier to pin down the specific allergen that is causing your dog’s allergy symptoms

l Prescription diet - your veterinarian Scottsdale, AZ may prescribed a special diet that may be kibble-based or an ingredient-specific diet that is formulated to contain only hypoallergenic ingredients


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