Does your feline friend still have a hunting instinct?

You have a cat in your life who seems to enjoy all the comforts that come with living alongside you in your home. This means that she may not appear to have much in common with her wild ancestors, but there are still lingering instincts that exist within your pet.

Your little fur ball has a strong hunting instinct, as this is what has helped her ancestors stay well-fed. This means that your pet has been able to adapt this skill to her current lifestyle. If you notice how she plays, you will be able to see various hunting instincts coming to light in her behavior. Your cat will likely enjoy stalking, chasing after, and pouncing on a toy or two, just like the prey wild cats would seek out for food. For additional information, please contact your local veterinarians Lewisville, TX. Visit this website Riverchase Animal Hospital to learn more.


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