Important Reasons Not To Travel With Your Pet Cat

Travel can be stressful for cats because they are natural homebodies. They like to spend their days basking on their perch by t he window, playing with their toys, and running their claws on their scratching posts. Any disruption to their daily routine or changes in their immediate environment can be stressful to cats and can trigger changes in behavior fueled by anxiety and stress. The stress of traveling can also weaken a cat’s immune system and increases the animal’s risk to developing upper respiratory tract infections and flareups of herpesvirus infections. Cats that are suffering from chronic health issues may also experience worsening of symptoms. Another problem that you may encounter when traveling with cats concerns the litter box, more so in cats that have specific litter box needs. If you are going on a vacation, you should consider leaving your cat with a trustworthy pet sitter or you can inquire from your vet New Orleans, LA regarding a cat facility where you can leave your pet in comfortable surroundings with experienced staff. For additional information, visit this link:


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