Can Cats Or Dogs Wear A Sweater Or Jacket?

Wearing clothes can restrict the movements of cats or dogs, especially when these are costume outfits. Although people find pets with clothes cute and adorable, the process of putting clothes on pets can possibly cause stress, discomfort, and even injury. 

Some clothes for pets, however, are created to provide comfort and not for fashion purposes. The need to wear a sweater or a jacket generally depends on the animal. Pets with short hair coats or those that are very thin may benefit from wearing a sweater or coat  to keep their body warm especially during winter. This is also true with senior pets. If you are taking your dog outdoors during winter, it is a good idea to protect his paw pads by letting him wear doggie boots. Ice and ice-melting salt can cause pain and damage to the paw pads of dogs. As for cats, it’s only the hair less ones (such as the Sphynx cats) that need loose knit clothing during winter. 

Pets can suffer from hypothermia especially when they are exposed to cold weather conditions. Talk to your animal hospital New Orleans, LA ASAP if you see any symptom of hypothermia displayed by your pet.


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