Why Do Dogs And Cats Need Vaccines?

Just like humans, dogs and cats have an immune system which functions to help the body fight off diseases. There is the innate immune system comprised of the body’s natural defenses; and there’s acquired immunity where vaccinations play a very important role. Vaccination involves priming the body to an illness by exposure to low doses of the disease (antigen). A well-primed immune system has the tools to combat that particular disease. 

Some disease in which pets are vaccinated for, such as rabies, are very fatal and can be transmissible to humans (zoonotic disease). Thus, for these diseases, vaccination is usually required by law. Vaccination also protects animals that are at particular risks for certain serious diseases thereby decreasing deaths caused by such illnesses. There are also vaccines that cats and dogs have to be given because of their lifestyle. A common example is kennel cough which is highly contagious and is usually acquired in places where dogs are confined together in a small place, such as kennels and dog parks. 

If you have questions and concerns about pet vaccination, do consult with your veterinarian Newmarket, ON. Make an appointment today!


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