What Does Caval Syndrome have to do with Heartworms?

Caval syndrome can happen as a result of heartworm disease. Heartworms are very dangerous. They are large worms that invade the heart, lung and blood vessels of a dog. The worms can cause a persistent cough, reluctance to exercise, fatigue, decreased appetite or weight loss. They can also cause eventual heart failure and lung disease. If you suspect heartworms in your pup, call your vet immediately. Your dog should be tested for heartworms on a yearly basis and be taking a monthly prevention medication. If not, talk with your vet. Progressed heartworms can lead to a blockage of blood flow to the heart causing Caval syndrome. Symptoms of this disease may include labored breathing, pale gums, and bloody or coffee colored urine. Surgery is required to remove the blockage. Even when the heartworms are killed your dog could face long term side effects. For more information about Caval syndrome, call your animal hospital London, ON


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