Benefits Of In-Home Pet Care

Many pet parents hate leaving their cats or dogs in boarding kennels when they have to go on vacation. Fortunately, there is the in-home pet care option. The arrangement involves having a trusted pet sitter accompany pets at home, which, many pet parents feel more comfortable with. The benefits of in-home pet care include:

  • The dog is in familiar surroundings and their established territory which means they are more comfortable and confident. 
  • With a pet sitter, your pet receives personalized attention than the busy staff at boarding facilities. 
  • Pets sitters tend to have flexible schedules that allow them to meet a pet’s specific needs or the personal request of the owner. Depending on your arrangement, you can choose how often a pet sitter should stop by and how long these visits will be. Some pet sitters are even flexible enough to stay overnight. 
  • Pet sitters can also walk the extra mile by taking care of minor house tasks such as watering plants, feeding the fish in the tank, bringing in mail, etc. 

You can also ask your vet Carrollton, GA for reliable and reputable pet sitters in your area. 

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