Things to Keep in Mind When Walking Your Dog Off Leash

In general, when walking your dog outdoors, be sure to keep him on leash and have him walk with you. You don’t want your dog to run off leash in crowded areas or on walking paths where he may bump into people or other dogs. You can take your dog off leash when you’re on walking trails that do not specifically ask you to keep your dog on leash. Before you let your dog off leash, make sure you are both comfortable with walking off leash. Your dog should listen well and respond to voice commends such as “return”, “stop”, “sit,” etc. If you see another dog on the trail, have your dog walk close to you. If the dog is on leash, place your dog on leash. Make sure your dog is wearing his vaccination tabs and ID at all times. For more tips, click here or call your reputed veterinarians Roanoke, VA.


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