Night Frights In Pet Birds

Night frights in pet birds are commonly encountered by many bird owners at one time or another. Cockatiels are especially vulnerable, but it can also happen with other avian species. There are several reasons that can possibly cause episodes of night frights in pet birds. It may due to a perceived threat from an outside noise, such as the sound of a passing vehicle or a sudden flashing light. Sudden changes in their daily routine, even if it’s small, can also predispose the behavior. Sometimes, it is caused by a cage that does not have enough cover, making any changes in light visible to the bird inside. Or it could be a densely-covered cage that appears very dark and frightening to the bird. 

One way to help prevent night fright in pet birds is to create “white noise” at night, such as running an air purifier, to mask any outdoor noise and keep them calm. If you have concerns about your pet’s behavior, do consult with your veterinarian McHenry, IL. 

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