Signs of Bloat in Dogs like the Whippet

Bloat is a common and often fatal condition that occurs in all breeds of canines, but especially in breeds with large, deep chest cavities. Breeds like the Greyhound, Rottweiler, and the Whippet are most prone to bloat. Bloat can be extremely painful as it occurs when excess fluid, gas or food builds up in the dog’s stomach causing the stomach to expand. Expansion eventually places pressure on the surrounding organs and can cause blood flow to the vital organs to stop and even put your dog in shock. The best way to treat bloat is to prevent it. Signs of bloat often include unsuccessful attempts to vomit, abnormal behavior, anxiety, restlessness, hunched up appearance (as if in stomach pain), no normal digestive sounds in the stomach, bloated or tight abdomen, whining, pacing, foaming at the mouth, drooling, unsuccessful attempts to defecate or poop, heavy breathing, excessive drinking, weakness, and even collapse. Call your Riverbend, ON veterinarian to learn more. Or click this site for additional details:


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