Can Dogs Have Gum?

The short answer to whether dogs can have gum or not is no. Dogs don’t understand that gum is meant to be chewed and then spit out. A dog would simply chew the gum and try to swallow it which could cause him to choke. The gum isn’t digestible and could end up building up in the dog’s stomach which is also dangerous. For this reason you should not let your dog (no matter the size or breed) chew or eat any type of gum. In addition to these dangers, gum may also contain ingredients harmful to dogs. For instance, sugar free gum often contains artificial sweeteners. The sweeteners can be toxic and have been known to cause health problems in dogs. If you’re thinking of giving your dog gum then ask your vet first. If your dog ate gum and is having trouble, call your vets Plano, TX immediately. 


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