The Beagle

Contrary to popular belief, the beagle is definitely part of the hound family. You may see this by the way the Beagle picks up on scents and has the urge to chase all kinds of small animals or prey. The beagle comes from a long line of hounds. In fact, he can be traced back centuries back even to ancient Roman times. Beagles are great hunters with 220 excellent scent receptors in the nose that allows him to smell out a scent from great distances. The beagle comes in tri-color coat colors including white, brown and black. The Beagle build includes short legs which helps him keep his nose close to the ground for smelling prey. He has large ears that can hang around 7 inches. The ears help keep scents fresh by trapping scents and bringing the scent close to the nose. This breed is smart and playful. Click here to learn more or call your veterinary clinic Plano, TX.


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