Tips To Tick-Proof Your Dog

Ticks are very common parasites in dogs. Heavy infestations tend to occur during summer but they can infect dogs at anytime of the year. In addition to being blood-sucking parasites, they are important carriers of several medical conditions that can be transmitted to man. Pet owners should know how to properly remove ticks that are feeding on their dogs. Simply pulling them off may separate the head from the body and its mouth parts embedded under the dog’s skin. This can possibly cause an adverse reaction. There are many ways to protect your pet against ticks and their effects. One is to apply a spot-on treatment to your pet. These products contain active ingredients that keep ticks and fleas away. But the action is short-lived, thus you need to apply regularly. How often? You should ask your veterinarian Westminster, MD about it. Another way to keep ticks away from your pet is to let him wear a tick collar which is embedded with chemicals that kill ticks. 


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