Keep your Cat away from Molded Food

Do you own a pet cat that likes to dumpster dive or dive into the trash can for a little treat? You should probably discourage your cat from this habit. First, cats can get into all kinds of spoiled and rotten food that could contain parasites and worms making your cat sick. Second, your cat may come across molded food which may not sound all that bad, but it can also make your can very sick. Mold produces toxins called tremorgenic mycotoxins that can cause life threatening illnesses if eaten. Some people will feed their animals leftover breads or sweets, but be careful as these may also contain traces of mold. If your cat eats mold and becomes sick you may see symptoms such as your cat tremoring all over or even going into convulsions. If this happens, notify your pet clinic Riverbend, ON right away.


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