Did You Know? Facts about the Belgian Tervuren

Did you know the Belgian Tervuren is a highly active dog that loves to run, play and compete in a variety of sports and agility competitions? If you want a canine companion that can keep up with your on the go lifestyle and love for outdoor adventures then check this canine out. Just be warned, the Belgian Tervuren requires consistent exercise and training as well as a strict daily routine to help keep him in line. Seasoned dog owners are recommended. This bundle of energy canine is named for his town of origin in Belgian. He was originally bred as a herding dog and is a member of the shepherd breed. The Belgian Tervuren can make an excellent guard dog and even a great family dog with the right training and handling. If you’re not familiar with dogs or have only owned a few then this is not the breed for you. Ask your veterinarians Cameron Park, CA for details. Schedule an appointment today!


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