Possible Causes Of Vomiting In Dogs

Vomiting is an innate reflex to protect the body from irritants, toxins, foreign bodies, etc. Sometimes, vomiting won’t need medical intervention as it resolves on its own once the irritant has been eliminated; there are cases that warrant prompt medical intervention. Vomiting that is accompanied by other symptoms may indicate an underlying health issue, especially when a dog vomits several times within a short period. There is a long list of potential causes of vomiting in dogs. Two of the most common ones are:

Food allergy and food intolerance

These are two different conditions and should not be used interchangeably. Food allergies occur when a dog is exposed to an allergen in pet food and the body reacts with the mediation of the immune system. On the other hand, the immune system is not involved when a dog suffers from food intolerance. It is just a local reaction of the digestive tract to an irritant. 


Pancreatitis occurs when there is something that causes the pancreas to become inflamed. One of the top reasons is eating foods that are high in fat such as bacon, gravy and trimmings, etc. 

Vomiting in dogs should not be taken lightly especially when there are other symptoms that are also being manifested. You should seek help from a veterinary clinic Lakeville, MN immediately. 


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