Home Remedies for Constipation in Cats

Did you know that cats can go through bouts of constipation? If you notice your cat is not going to the litter box to poop or if he does go to the litter box but strains for a while and barely does anything then your act may be constipated. Straining, grunting, and even passing hard or discolored poops can be signs of constipation. You should call your vet for treatment advice. Your vet may recommend a few home remedies before brining your cat into the office for a checkup. One thing your vet may suggest is feeding your cat Metamucil or another brand of dissolvable fiber. You can add a fourth of a teaspoon to your cat’s food in the morning and at night to help her become regular again. Simple pour the powder over your cat’s food. You may need to add warm water to help it dissolve in the food. For more details, call your best pet clinic Hyattsville, MD.


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