Is Rawhide Dangerous for Dogs?

Feeding your dog rawhide can be a controversial topic. Rawhide doesn’t digest well for some dogs. In fact, some dogs have gotten very sick because of rawhide and some have even had severe digestive issues. Likewise, there are numerous dogs that do just fine on rawhide. They can chew it, digest it, and have no side effects or after effects. Whether you feed rawhide to your dog is up to you. You know what your dog can and can’t handle. If he appears to have trouble chewing rawhide, swallowing it or digesting it then don’t feed it to him. Call your vet and have your dog examined. Switch your dog to rawhide alternative treats. Brands like SmartBone make rawhide treats that are actually made of veggies and no rawhide at all. Check your local pet store and online pet stores or talk to your veterinarians Washington DC to learn more. Or click this website Brentwood Animal Hospital and make an appointment.


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