Dog Neuter Surgery - Are You Making The Right Decision?

The decision on whether to have pets spayed (female) or neutered (male) is a concern that weighs heavily on pet owners. Knowing the pros and cons and what your dog will be going through before, during, and after surgery can help make you make the right decision for your pet. 

In addition to helping curb the dog population, there are several important benefits associated with spaying or neutering of pets. These include:

• Spaying helps prevent serious infections of the uterus and breast tumors ( about 50% of which are malignant).

• Neutering helps prevent testicular cancer and problems affecting the prostate.

• There is a positive shift in the animal’s behavior. 

With the latest knowledge and technology, puppies as young as 8 weeks of age can be spayed or neutered as long as they are healthy. Traditionally, the procedures were done on dogs between 6-9 months of age. But if you choose to have your dog sterilized as an adult, you should be aware of the potential risks of post-surgery complications that can possibly happen to dogs that are older, overweight, or suffering from certain health issues. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to talk to your veterinarian Bolingbrook, IL


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