What Makes Tyzzer’s Disease In Gerbils Deadly?

Tyzzer’s disease is caused by the bacteria Clostridum piliforme and it is spread through spores that can exist in the environment for a very long time. Once the causative agent enters the body, it multiplies in the digestive tract and spreads to the liver. While multiplying, the bacteria product a deadly toxin which can cause damage to internal organs. Depending on what organs or systems are affected, affected gerbils may develop heart failure or show nervous symptoms. Affected animals can diet within 48 hours after the first signs are manifested. Gerbils that are lucky enough to survive with prompt antibiotic therapy continue to shed bacterial spores with its droppings. These spores become viable sources of infection. If you have a pet gerbil that died of Tyzzer’s disease, you should remove and destroy all habitats, bedding, equipment, etc. If this is not possible, sterilize equipment, furniture, etc. At 80C for at least 30 minutes. Bleach can be used to clean surfaces. Take note, however, that spores can become airborne and can be spread in the surroundings. 

Talk to a veterinarian Glen Ellyn, IL about the best way to protect your pet tyzzer’s disease and other health issues that affect rodents. 


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