Spot Cleaning Your Hamster

Hamsters are fairly clean pets. They enjoy self grooming and self bathing. If you see your hamster hunched on his back legs and using his front legs like hands to wipe over his face then you are watching your hamster bathe himself. Hamsters like to be clean and they enjoy keeping themselves groomed and presentable. However sometimes they need a little help. Hamsters can get poop stains or urine stains on their fur especially if you haven’t cleaned his cage as a routinely weekly basis. When this happens to your hamster you will need to clean him up. Don’t give him a bath. Instead use pet wipes to wipe your hamster down and remove stains and smells. You may need to use more than one wipe to accomplish the job. You can purchase pet wipes at pet stores and possibly at the office of your Tampa, FL veterinary clinic.


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