Can You Give Cat Food To Hedgehogs?

Food that is specially formulated for hedgehogs are not always available commercially, thus many hedgehog owners opted to feed cat food kibble to their pets. Cat kibble is smaller than dog kibble, and it is also available anytime or anywhere. Crunching on kibbles also keep their teeth clean and healthy. The hedgehogs will also benefit from the high amount of protein in cat food. Hedgehogs are omnivores. In their natural habitats, they are more insectivores as they primary food is chitin (a protein that is found in insects). Their basal diet is supplemented with fruits, vegetables, mealworms and more. An ideal diet for hedgehogs is composed of more than 20% protein, 5-15% fat, and substantial quantities of fiber. If you choose to give canned cat food to your pet hedgehog, be sure to add more fiber to its diet. Insects and poultry are among the best sources of protein for hedgehogs; these are also the easiest for them to digest.

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