Cat Neuter Myths Busted

Even when there are lots of available information regarding the benefits of neutering in cats, there still old wives’ tales that continue to make the rounds, causing gullible pet owners to have second thoughts about having their male cats neutered. Here are some of the most popular neuter myths busted:

Myth: When a male cat is neutered, it loses its personality. 

Fact: when the testes are removed during neuter, the production of male hormones also ceases. Certain hormone-driven behaviors such as territoriality, aggression, spray marking, etc. may not be as strong as before. In fact, neutered male cats appear to be friendlier. 

Myth: Neutered cats tend to put on weight.

Fact: Since there is a lack of hormone-influenced behaviors, neutered cats are not as active as they once were. This means that they will need lesser calorie intake every day. Adjustments must be made on your pet’s diet to ensure that he remains within healthy weight limits. Be sure to consult with your professional vet Pasadena, MD before making any changes in your pet’s diet. 


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