Should I Pluck My Dog’s Ear Hair?

Some dogs, especially long-haired breeds, have hairs growing on their ear canal. Plucking these hairs is thought to help increase the circulation of air and decrease the moisture inside the ear canal. Moisture creates a favorable environment for the growth and multiplication of bacteria and fungi that can cause ear infections. However, not all dogs will need their ear hair plucked. Some canine breeds are prone to ear infections, but if your dog is NOT, then you DON’T need to pluck hairs from inside his ears. But if your dog is more susceptible to ear infections, plucking out the hair from the ear canal can increase air circulation which can help create a healthy environment inside the ears. Plucking may cause skin irritation of the ear passages, which can eventually weaken its immunity and integrity which can possibly pave the way for the development of an infection. 

Any signs of ear problems should warrant an appointment with your veterinary hospital Sugar Land, TX.  


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