Important Signs Of Heavy Worm Infestation In Cats

Worms are very common internal parasites of cats. Many cats harbor these parasites but don’t show any signs of their presence. However, when there is heavy worm infestation, cats can manifest signs of that are not hard to miss. There may be eggs around the cat’s anus or even worms or tapeworm segments visible in the animal’s feces or vomit.Other important signs of heavy worm load in cats are weight loss, vomiting, and diarrhea. There may also be irritation of the area around the anus and failure to thrive. Worms compete with the nutrition of their hosts thus, weight loss is an important feature. 

There are several medications that can be used to get rid of the worms. Your professional veterinarian Fort Collins, CO may choose to perform a stool exam to determine what types of worms are present and how heavy is the infestation. Only then can an anti-worming medication be prescribed. Always remember that worming can be stressful for cats, considering that they hate medicines, more so if these are in tablet forms. 


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