Fatty Liver Disease in Parakeets

Birds can come down with a number of illnesses. Some of those are minor while others might be major. A common illness seen in birds like the parakeet includes Hepatic Lipidosis Disease otherwise known as fatty liver disease. This disease is serious and often happens due to large amounts of fat being sent to the liver for processing. Signs that your bird may have fatty liver disease include a sudden loss of appetite, lethargy, and depression. Although these signs are typical they are not the same for all birds. Some birds may present no symptoms at all. With fatty liver disease, death can occur quickly. If your bird is acting differently in any way, please call your vet. Your vet will need to examine your bird to determine the presence of fatty liver disease. He will also need to identify the primary illness causing the fatty liver disease. Read more here or consult with your reputed veterinarian Lexington, KY.


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