Dealing With Noise Anxiety In Dogs

Many dogs have developed a fear of noise. When there are fireworks or thunderstorms, or even the sound from a vacuum cleaner or lawn mower can make them cower in fear or look for places to hide. Panic can cause a dog to engage in undesirable behaviors, such as becoming destructive or aggressive. Here are some training tips to help your canine buddy overcome noise anxiety:

• Don’t reinforce your pet’s feelings of anxiety. Simply pretend that everything is normal and fine. Avoid cuddling your pet. Divert his attention by engaging him in activities that he loves doing. 

• When there’s a thunderstorm raging outside, play a game with your dog and each time there’s a clap of thunder, offer your dog a bite of his favorite treat so he will associate the noise with something positive. Experts call this “classic counter-conditioning”. 

Talk to your vet Roanoke, VA if you are dealing with behavior issues being displayed by your pooch. 


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