Lipomas And Sebaceous Cysts In Dogs

Lipomas and sebaceous cysts are just two of the various types of skin growths or masses that can develop on the skin or just under the skin of dogs. 

Sebaceous cysts are generally benign and are filled with sebum, a thick oily material that is usually found around the hair follicle of dogs. Sebaceous cysts can develop anywhere in the dog’s body. They should not be squeezed because it can possibly become irritated which can eventually pave the way for skin infections. Sometimes, sebaceous cysts can be mistaken as a malignant growth called sebaceous gland adenocarcinoma. Your vet may choose to run tests to confirm. 


Lipomas are another form of benign skin tumors; this time, they are made up of fat tissue and can occur in various sizes. Most lipoma cases in dogs won’t  need surgery unless the dog’s ability to move around is hindered. Lipomas usually develop below the skin of the trunk, limbs, and groin. In some caes, they can occur internally, inside the dog’s chest or belly, causing them to exert pressure against adjacent organs. Liposarcoma is a type of lipoma which is malignant. If your veterinarian care Scottsdale, AZ suspects a liposarcoma, a biopsy is often performed for confirmation.


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