Teeth Cleaning for Dogs

Did you know that your dog should have his teeth cleaned on a routine basis? The teeth should be cleaned regularly at home and at least one to two times a year by a professional dental veterinarian. How can you clean them at home? Simple, ask your vet for a vet approved toothpaste and toothbrush for your dog. Don’t use water when applying the toothpaste to the teeth. Brush slowly each area of the teeth. If you have trouble, call your vet and ask for advice. You may do better wiping the teeth with a cloth or gauze. This can also help wipe away plaque and tartar. Feeding your dog a healthy diet is also good for the teeth. Feeding crunchy dog food and dog treats can breakdown food buildup naturally. For more information on teeth cleaning for dogs, give your professional veterinarians London, ON a call. 


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