Diet Of Pet Owls

Did you  know that owls have special requirements when it comes to their diet? Dietary concerns is one factor that can have many potential owl owners discouraged about sharing their life and home with a pet owl. Owls are birds of prey, thus they won’t thrive with a diet composed of fruits and vegetables, pellets, and seeds. In fact, if these foods are offered as treats, it is unlikely that an owl will recognized them as food. Being carnivores, owls thrive on a meat-based diet, such as mice, quails, small chickens,small rabbits, and guinea pigs.These preys must be stored in the freezer and then thawed before feeding or they could be given as live prey. Owls are fed several time a day and they can be quite messy eaters, which means there is a need to clean up your pet’s enclosure after meals that many owners may find disgusting. 

Sudden changes in your pet’s appetite or behavior should be checked out by a vet services North Phoenix, AZ.


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