Buying A Healthy Hamster -- Examine The Body

When buying a hamster, it’  important to choose a healthy one. In addition to closely examining the hamster’s body and its personality, you have to look around the animal’s immediate surroundings. Pick up the hamster and examine his body carefully for any lumps or bumps, skin and hair coat problems, soiling around its rear end, and other abnormal signs that may indicate an underlying health issue. Also, be sure that the hamster is not fat or skinny. Its eyes, ears, and nose should be free of discharge. If possible, try to check at the hamster’s teeth to make sure that it’s well-aligned and not overgrown. The breathing should be normal and not appear labored. There must be no wheezing, gurgling, or clicking sounds. Let the hamster move around on the floor so you can check for any signs of lameness or stiffness. 

Your pet hamster will benefit from regular wellness checks at your best veterinary clinic North Phoenix, AZ.


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