How Do I Know If My Lizard Has Mouth Rot?

Infectious Stomatitis or mouth rot is a common illness in reptiles including lizards. If your lizard has had a change in environment, diet, routine, etc. then you should watch him closely for signs of stress. Signs of stress may include pacing, not eating or drinking, weight loss or weight gain, etc. Stress can lead to a weakened or suppressed immune system which can then lead to mouth rot. When the immune system isn’t working properly the bacteria in the body can fester creating mouth rot. Signs include inflammation or small hemorrhages on the gums or as large amounts of mucus in the mouth. Swelling of the head or mouth can also occur. Your lizard will stop eating if he hasn’t done so already. It’s important that you notify your veterinarian Louisville, CO immediately for aid and treatment. Hospitalization may be needed in extreme cases.


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