Vaping Devices Are Dangerous To Pets

Vaping devices are now becoming popular as more and more people switch to using them instead of the traditional cigarettes. Pet owners, however, should be aware of the hazards that vaping devices pose to pets. These battery-powered devices are made to heat up quickly to a high temperature so that the liquid (nicotine and/or cannabinoids) in the cartridge can vaporize. The batteries may be made of lithium or alkaline dry cell which are potential hazards to pets. Ingestion can cause severe tissue damage to the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) as a result of chemical burns. Ulcers and erosions can form which can be deadly for pets. If your pet has ingested a battery from a vaping device, rush your pet to the nearest animal hospital Las Vegas, NV ASAP. 

Other potential hazards associated with vaping devices is the possibility that any of the vape’s components may be ingested and get lodged in any part of the GIT, causing an obstruction, irritation, or injury. Click here to know more.


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