Ways to make clipping your dog’s nails more pleasant

Some dog-related chores are more fun than others. For example, playing with your dog in the backyard is a lot more fun than clipping his nails. However, you have to keep his nails short if you want him to be comfortable and happy.

The trick is to make getting his nails clipped more pleasant for your pooch. Trying to clip your pet’s nails when he’s thrashing about is a nightmare, after all!

Instead of sitting down to clip all his nails at once, try clipping just a few nails each day. By making it a daily habit, he’ll get used to it, and he’ll be less likely to freak out when the clippers come out of the drawer.

Make sure he gets plenty of treats and positive attention and he’ll start looking forward to getting his nails clipped! To make the process go more quickly, ask your veterinarian Cy-Fair to provide you with advice. To know more, you can visit


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