What to Feed Pet Hedgehogs

Did you know that people keep hedgehogs as pets? These tiny creatures with quills fall into the exotic pet category and are quickly becoming a household favorite. It’s important to check with your local animal authorities or animal control to make sure owning a hedgehog is legal in your area. For instance, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada currently prohibits the ownership of hedgehogs. If you are able to keep a hedgehog in your area, talk with your vet or local pet store associate to find out what you should be feeding your pet. For instance, most hedgehogs prefer ea diet of quality protein, low fat and 15% fiber. Why? Hedgehogs in the wild tend to eat a lot of beetles so that’s a lot of protein. Hedgehogs can be fed hedgehog pellet food or cat food. They like to snack on vegetables, mealworms, crickets, cooked meats and fruits into the diet. For more tips, call your vet clinic Burlington, ON.


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