Dandruff In Cats

Cats can get dandruff, too! It’s just like dandruff in humans- skin cells that are dry and dead accumulate on the cat’s skin and hair. Dandruff develops when the skin of cats is abnormally dry. While it is more of a cosmetic problem than a health issue, it can cause a cat to scratch himself all over until the skin becomes raw. Any break in the skin caused by the cat’s persistent scratching can pave the way for secondary bacterial infection which can further compound the problem. Anything that causes the skin to become dry and tight can increase a cat’s risk to having dandruff. These factors may range from external parasites (fleas, ticks, and mites), ringworm, allergies, sunburn, very dry or very cold climates, low humidity, or grooming products. Cats that suffer from anxiety may also have dandruff. 

If you notice any problems affecting your pet’s skin and/or hair coat, make an appointment with your animal hospital Greater Cincinnati sooner rather than later so the issue can be addressed appropriately.


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