Mast Cell Tumors In Dogs

Mast cell tumors are very common in dogs. In fact, it is possibly the most common type of tumor in dogs. Mast cells  are associated with the response of the body to allergens. These tumors are present throughout the body, which means the tumor can growth virtually anywhere in the dog’s body. But the most common places where mast cell tumors develop are on the skin, digestive and urinary tracts. Prognosis tend to be less positive when they occur in the digestive and/or urinary tracts, though those growing on the skin have a more positive prognosis. These reddish and itchy tumors grow rapidly. Some canine breeds are more predisposed to developing mast cell tumors. These are the brachycephalic of the short-nosed breeds such as pugs, bulldogs, and boxers. The tumors produce histamine which makes them very itchy. If you notice abnormal growths on your pet’s body, you should schedule an appointment with your best animal hospital Greater Cincinnati.


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