Cats and Apartment Life

Cats make wonderful pets for apartments dwellers. Cats are quiet, take up little space, and won’t disturb the neighbors. However, before you adopt a cat, check your lease. Some landlords forbid pets while others allow pets according to species, size or number. You may have to pay an additional security deposit or a little rent if you have a cat. Once you are sure you are allowed to keep a cat in your apartment, prepare to welcome your new pet. Set up water and food station, and a litter box in separate areas in your home. Give your cat a bed but also allow her to find lairs elsewhere when she wants to be alone. Ensure she has high perches such as windowsills or shelves where she can observe her territory from a safe vantage point. Purchase a few toys and you’re ready to welcome your new cat. Contact your veterinarian La Mesa, CA to learn more.


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