The Lazy Man's Cat - Exotic Shorthair

The Exotic or Exotic Shorthair cat is strikingly similar to the Persian cat minus the long coat that requires routine brushing. The Exotic is quiet, independent, easy going, affectionate, and loyal. His shorthair gives him a rounded teddy bear like face. This cat’s favorite activity is sleeping, lounging around the house, cuddling up in his person’s lap or even hanging over his person’s shoulder. The Exotic Shorthair is often referred to as ‘the Lazy Man’s Cat’ or ‘the Lazy Man’s Persian’. The Exotic doesn’t demand attention, but does enjoy extra snuggle time, petting and holding. He also gives wet nose kisses. He gets along with most other cats and dogs. They will accept being alone for a time, but prefer being close to their people. Unlike the Persian cat, the Exotic Shorthair does have a livelier side at times and enjoys playing with toys and people alike. For more information on this breed, consult with your veterinarian Westminster, MD.


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