Taking Care of Your Shy Timid Cat

Just like people, some cats are outgoing and up to socializing with people while others are timid and prefer to hide. This shyness in cats is especially prevalent when there are strangers in your home. Give your cat privacy by putting her litter box where she can get to it easily but out of the heavy flow of household traffic. Your cat may sneak in to eat when she thinks no one is watching. Thus you need to check her water and food bowls regularly to make sure your cat is eating and drinking enough. Don’t give your cat too much attention since her shyness can make her hesitant to come see you. Let your cat approach you when she is ready. Never force your cat to socialize or she may become aggressive. She may always be somewhat shy but as long as she is healthy, be patient. For more information, talk with your veterinarian Columbia, MD.


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