Teacup Pigs Are Products Of Cruel Breeding And Management Methods

Did you know that selective breeding to keep a teacup pig’s small has serious implications on their health and well-being? Yes, breeders employ inhumane methods to keep their pigs small. Two of these methods include:


Inbreeding pot-bellied pigs can produce smaller offspring. Unfortunately, the lack of genetic diversity paves the way for a lot of health issues in the offspring. Many teacup pigs suffer from severe respiratory problems because of their squished snouts. 


Underfeeding pot-bellied pigs result in stunted growth. This is why breeders encourage owners of teacup pigs to drastically restrict the diets of their pets. Starving prevents these pigs from thriving, thus their skeletal system does not fully develop while their internal organs develop to their full size. This can eventually cause bone deformities and other serious medical issues. 

Sudden changes in your teacup piglet’s health and/or behavior should warrant an appointment with your vet clinic Pickerington, OH sooner rather than later.


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