Osteoarthritis In Pet Rabbits

Rabbits can get arthritis, too! Also known as osteoarthritis, the condition is characterized by the inflammation of the joints especially of older rabbits. The inflammatory process can affect a rabbit’s front legs, hind legs, both legs, or any joint of the body such as in the hock, wrist, hip joint, or joints of the rabbit’s feet and toes. Affected rabbits suffer from pain and discomfort causing them to limp. 

To confirm initial diagnosis, a veterinarian may recommend x-rays. Unfortunately, there is no cure for arthritis once it’s there. The good news is there are ways to alleviate symptoms and slow down its progress. This are various medications and supplements that may be prescribed by your vet Ellicott City, MD. Never try to give medication to your pet without consulting your vet as long-term treatment and improper dosages can be harmful to rabbits. These animals have extremely sensitive gastrointestinal tracts.


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