Your Chinchilla's Enclosure

Plan to set up an enclosure to keep your chinchilla safe. He’ll need room to run, jump and play. Purchase a large enclosure with a solid bottom. Wire floors can hurt your chinchilla’s sensitive feet. Purchase bedding pellets or use shredded paper to absorb liquids and odors. Don’t use wood shavings since they will poke your chinchilla’s sensitive feet. Also dust can lead to respiratory problems. Avoid contamination of your chinchilla’s water from droppings or bedding by hanging the water bottle fairly high. Choose a heavy food bowl that can’t be tipped over and use a hay rack to keep your chinchilla’s food dry. Give your pet privacy with his own hidey house. To give your chinchilla exercise, put ramps or an exercise wheel in the enclosure. Protect those sensitive feet with solid bottoms on this exercise apparatus. Give your chinchilla a few toys and welcome him to his new home. Contact your veterinary clinic Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

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