Bonding With Your Cat

When you adopt a new cat, you need to bond with her to create a companion relationship. Although she belongs to your family, usually just one person is the primary caretaker. Sit with your cat as she eats to start the bonding process. Help her associate you with good things by petting her and talking to her softly. Leave your cat toys to play with during her day. However, you need to schedule at least a half hour daily to play with her and her toys. Toss a ball for her, get her to chase the light of a laser pointer, or entice your cat to jump at the feather lure of a fishing rod toy. Make sure these sessions are fun for both you and your cat. Praise your cat and groom her often. Pay attention to your cat and she will reward you with her companionship. Learn more from your pet clinic Jacksonville, FL. Click this website Lakewood Animal Clinic and schedule a visit.


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