Some Common Health Problems Of Gerbils

Gerbils are generally hardy creatures, but they have their share of health issues that need professional attention. Here are some common issues of pet gerbils:

l Tail issues

When a gerbil is picked up by its tail, the tail can break off, which can cause irreparable damage. 

l Injury

If a gerbil falls from an elevated spot, it can suffer broken bones.

l Stress and heat stroke

Gerbils can easily suffer from heat stress and heat stroke. When overheated, they can become lethargic, and may tremble, or even die. A gerbil’s enclosure should be well-ventilated. Heat stroke is a medical emergency that needs immediate veterinary intervention. 

l Shock

A gerbil can suffer convulsions when they are surprised or when dropped. 

l Health issues

Gerbils can develop various health issues that need to be treated to prevent serious complications that can be fatal. 

Your best veterinarian Carrollton, GA is a valuable source of information when it comes to issues that affect your pet’s health and well-being.


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