What is Turn Out for Horses?

Ever hear the phrase ‘I’m turning out my horse’ or ‘I’m bringing in the horses’? If you haven’t heard these phrases yet don’t worry you will sooner or later. These are common barn phrases. Turning out the horses means that the horses are going out to the paddocks or pastures. Horses are usually turned out in the morning after they’ve been fed their morning grain. Hoses are then brought in during the evening hours which means they are led back into the barn and into their stalls for the night. Turn out and turn in or bring in are common terms for the morning and evening barn shifts as well. When asked how much turnout your horse needs you are being asked how long should your horse be out each day. Typical turnout lasts around 8 to 12 hours. For further aid, contact your veterinarian Teller County, CO.


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